Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Getting beyond the train set

I enjoy watching trains run around a track as much as any child. However, as I increase my skills and learn what things can be done I become increasingly less interested in a oval of track nailed to a piece of plywood with a few toys running around it. I recently was vending at a train show when I noticed that there was a small "Micro Layout" near my booth. It was drawing an amazing amount of attention. I saw people look at a layout that was less than 4 square feet total for over an hour. This layout was top notch don't get me wrong, but I was amazed at the response it was getting from visitors. This got me talking to the creator (Ian) of the layout about doing some modeling classes. He was interested in the idea and we talked about some possibilities. With that all said I am happy to say that we will soon be launching a hands on modeling series called "Getting beyond the train set". This series will be taught by Ian (if he agrees to it, PLEASE) it will most likely be Saturdays and in the class we will teach some folks to build a "Micro Layout" like Wingett's recycling (pictured above) from concept to operation in around 8 sessions for 100 dollars or less. There will be no charge for the class other than we will ask that you purchase your products from our store. So if you are interested in this how to series contact us at (763) 856-2140 and we will get you on the list.

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Sassyfrazz said...

I think this layout is very interesting and very fun to view! I think Ian is a brillant modeler, and I am excited about the classes! Hopefully it will produce great sales, too! :)